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Spock wearing shades
Things have been crazy!

Trying to get the site updated, the new guitars poster has prompted some positive responses and so now were getting the high res version finished that way I can order prints for anyone who wants one.  I'm not sure what that's going to cost yet, but as soon as I know, I'll let you guys know!

I've finished some sound scoring for some local media groups, been working on a soundtrack for this amazing skateboard video that's coming out soon, wow...busy!


I've been getting more interest in me writing for the guitar magazine.

Really things are going well, and are just looking did he say it?

"Future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!"


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So a few years ago, I asked my friend Mark Heaps to come by and take some snapshots of all my guitars. I don't think either of us really appreciated how many guitars were in my collection until we started setting up and dusting them off.  We took notes, there was catalogue work done, but then the idea sort of just calmed like dust on the mantle. 


Anyway, Mark decided to dig out those old shots, taken more then 5 years ago, and make a web poster that people could pop up and view for fun.  Some are now gone, and many have been added, but most remain the same.  So here are 100 of my vintage, retro, guitars ranging from classics to just weird wall hangers.  There's an original Airline (take that Jack White), Some Danelectros, a Rickenbacker Tuxedo 12 string, and many more.


Large Vintage Retro Guitars Poster


Big version here!


I've actually written about a few of these for Guitar Player magazine.

See anything you want to know about, shoot me an email.  I love chatting about all these beauties!


Smell ya later!


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Hey gals and germs,


been busy over these past few months but wanted to share a few drum lessons I've been making for the interweb!  A friend, Mark Heaps, and myself collaborated on this whacky project to do some free drum lesson videos and put them up on YouTube.  Somehow, one thing led to another and next thing you know I'm dressed like Boba Fett, he has a camera and is dressed like a clone soldier and the filming commenced.  We used almost all my Star Wars pez in the vid clips, as well as other goodies from around the house.

Check them out online, here's just a few of the 20+ clips...


Ewok & Roll


5 Stroke Roll

Tool - Sober


The rest will end up on the site soon, but check out the others on YouTube, and tell a friend!

Peace cats and kittens,


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Hey guys,


finally got my Flickr setup, so now I can share videos, slideshows, and secret cooking recipes!


Probably not so much the latter, but who knows?!!?!?!


Check it out...



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Hey guys,


quick post...but I'm moving to LA because it was sooooo cool!  Not really, but I had a blast anyway!  Saw great movies, made some friends, all in all, pretty cool!


More to write soon, but gotta hit some skins...



peace, or whatever...




btw, Top 5 songs I listened to while traveling to LA...just for fun!


  1. Strawberry Fields
  2. Airbag
  3. My Pal Foot Foot
  4. Hard Days Night
  5. Eulogy


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