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Posted By Terry Carleton

Hey gals and germs,


been busy over these past few months but wanted to share a few drum lessons I've been making for the interweb!  A friend, Mark Heaps, and myself collaborated on this whacky project to do some free drum lesson videos and put them up on YouTube.  Somehow, one thing led to another and next thing you know I'm dressed like Boba Fett, he has a camera and is dressed like a clone soldier and the filming commenced.  We used almost all my Star Wars pez in the vid clips, as well as other goodies from around the house.

Check them out online, here's just a few of the 20+ clips...


Ewok & Roll


5 Stroke Roll

Tool - Sober


The rest will end up on the site soon, but check out the others on YouTube, and tell a friend!

Peace cats and kittens,





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