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Posted By Terry Carleton

Hey guys,


finally got my Flickr setup, so now I can share videos, slideshows, and secret cooking recipes!


Probably not so much the latter, but who knows?!!?!?!


Check it out...



Posted By Terry Carleton

Hey guys,


quick post...but I'm moving to LA because it was sooooo cool!  Not really, but I had a blast anyway!  Saw great movies, made some friends, all in all, pretty cool!


More to write soon, but gotta hit some skins...



peace, or whatever...




btw, Top 5 songs I listened to while traveling to LA...just for fun!


  1. Strawberry Fields
  2. Airbag
  3. My Pal Foot Foot
  4. Hard Days Night
  5. Eulogy


Crazy Drummer picture


Posted By Terry Carleton
Hey guys and ghouls... I'm currently down in Southern California at a film festival showing everyone the "Guitars" video. If you haven't checked it out, look on the video page and you can see it there. I'll be writing more as soon as I get back. Rock on and save me some candy corn!



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